Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I need your help!

I recently borrowed a box of family photographs from my uncle, David Anderson, and I scanned a number of them into my computer.  Most of those pictured I know, but...there are some that I cannot identify.

I've collected here some of those photos of people unknown to me.  I'm hoping you can help me identify them!

Please take a look at the photographs.  There are 30, total, and I've numbered the photos sequentially, for easier reference.

For the most part, these are of members of the Olcese, Stoakes, and Anderson clans.  If you know the names of any of those within, you can just post a comment at the end of the blog post that contains the picture you're commenting upon.  Click on the text that says "Comments" (although it might also say "No Comments").  It's really quite easy (I hope!).

(Please note, however, that your comment won't appear immediately.  The comments are "moderated" by me (to keep out spam, etc.), and so the blog will send them first to me (for validation) before they appear in the blog itself).

Thanks for your help!

- Jeff Anderson

P.S.  If you're interested in copies of any of the images I've scanned, please let me know!  And you can reach me at:  jca1955 at sbcglobal dot net.

B. F. Stoakes and...

Photo 1

I believe the little girl is Marguerite Anderson.  Her grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Stoakes, is seated in the center of the image, looking at the camera.  And at the far right might be his son (and Marguerite's father), Frank C. Stoakes, I think.

But who are the others?  And could one of them be Flora V. Rider, daughter of B. F. Stoakes?

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1922 Camiccione Family Reunion

Photo 2

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Photo 3

I've cropped the original photograph into two smaller halves (to minimize its overall memory size).  This is a Camiccione family reunion that took place at the Dalton Ranch in Madera in 1922.

The same photo appears in the book "The Seven Sister," by Mary Grace Paquette.  In the book the photo is annotated, but the names are not directly associated with any of the individuals pictured.  However, listed are "M. Stoaks" and "E. Stoakes".  The latter is surely Ethel, but who is "M"?  Minnie?  Marguerite?  And where are they in the pictures?

Take a look at the photos and see who you can identify.  Click on them to enlarge them.

Here are my guesses (I could be wrong):

 Lester Stoakes

 Ethel Stoakes

 Marguerite Stoakes (this is really a wild guess).

Christening of Ferry

Photo 4

Marguerite christened a San Leandro ferry boat (I believe this was in March 1923), launched in San Pedro.  These people attended.  But who are they?

(Both Dave and Frank Anderson believe that it's Marguerite in the center of the 4th row up, with collar and hat.  Barbara Cox thinks that Minnie is the partially obscured woman (in hat) just to the right of Marguerite.)

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Some known, some not...

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Photo 5
Who is this couple?

Per Frank Anderson, this is Frank and Marie Stoakes (parents of Elizabeth Stoakes).

Photo 6
Minnie Olcese is second from the left.  Frank Olcese Stoakes is standing before the post.  Is the baby Elizabeth?  And the others?

(Per Barbara Cox, Elizabeth was born in April, 1922, so that cannot be her).

Photo 7
I'm guessing Marie Stoakes with baby Elizabeth.  Husband Frank at far right.  The others?

Photo 8
Elizabeth is probably Elizabeth Stoakes.  But who is Charlotte?

Photo 9
Who are Marilyn and Jr.  (Elizabeth is probably Elizabeth Stoakes).

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Photo 10

Andersons and others!  I spot Franklin, Marguerite, Agnes, David (son), and David (dad).

Whom can you identify?

(Per Frank Anderson and Pat Henderson, they are, left to right:
Harold Abbot, Franklin Anderson, Pat Abbot, Lenore (Anderson) Vaughn, Gertrude (Anderson) Abbot, Marguerite (Stoakes) Anderson, Agnes Morgan, (Dave or Frank) Anderson (I think it's Dave), David Anderson, and Guy Abbot (father of Harold Abbot)).

(Pat Henderson adds that the photo was taken at the Abbot house in Sacramento).

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Miscellaneous 2

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Photo 11
Frank Anderson and Agnes to the right, but who are the two on the left?

(Frank Anderson believes that the woman on the left is Babe, his aunt).

Photo 12
David Anderson at far right, but who are the other two?  Looks like a cottonfield.  Probably in Bakersfield.

(Jim Clare and Jane Upp have both confirmed that the gentleman in the middle is John Batiste Cauzza).

Photo 13
Who is this?

August 1920

Photo 14

From one of Marguerite's photo albums.  Who are Auntie and Gen?

(Could these be Genevieve Cauzza, Marguerite's cousin, and her mother, Jane (Jennie?) Cauzza)?

(Per Jane Upp, that's not Jane Cauzza.  But it is Genevieve Cauzza).

Photo 15
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Marguerite and Ethel are on the left, but who are Auntie, Gen, Margaret, Anita, and Ramilda (Ramelda?)?

(Per Jane Upp, yes, that's Anita Cauzza, her mom, and Genevieve Cauzza, her aunt.  Frank Anderson adds that three women, Angie, Clara, and Ramelda, used to visit Marguerite.  Barbara Cox adds that Ramelda was a cousin of Minnie's.  Could "Auntie", Margaret, and Ramelda be related?  I need a family tree!)

Minnie and...?

Photo 16
Who is with Minnie? (Click on image to enlarge).

Photo 17
1936 -- Who is with Minnie?
(Per Jane Upp and Frank Anderson, that's Minnie's sister, Jane (Jennie) Cauzza, on the left).

Miscellaneous 1

Who are the couple seated, on the left?  (The others are Billie, Marie, Marianne, and Ethel).

(Jim Clare reports that the seated couple are Joseph and Genevieve (Cauzza) Hoeffel, his Godparents).

Photo 18

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Photo 19
Who is this?
(Jane Upp reports that this is her aunt, Genevieve Cauzza).

Photo 20
The person on the left is...?  (Could it be Pat Anderson?)  Moving to the right are Minnie, Marguerite, Marianne (I think -- please correct me), and Ethel.

(Frank Anderson believes the woman at the far left is Suzie (or Susie) Stoakes, Lou Stoakes' first wife.)

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Photo 21

Yosemite.  Marguerite and Dave are at the bottom of the picture.  It looks to me as though Minnie is 3rd from left.  And is that Ethel just above Dave's left shoulder?  But the others are...?

(Jane Upp confirms that it's Ben Madison with Ethel, and behind Ben's right shoulder is Rosalinda.  But Barbara Cox thinks that the woman might be Josephine, rather than Rosalinda, and that the man to the right of her (between Ben and Ethel) could be Joe Hamilton the ball player (and her husband).  Barbara also thinks that the couple on the left might be Rosalinda and her husband Fred Riccomi (although given their age, I suspect it might be the couple to the right...)).

(As a side note, Rosalinda Olcese Riccomi is buried in Hornitos, where she was born (in Dec 1894, daughter of Frank Olcese and Emelia Gagliardo Olcese).  Her husband Fred (Alfred) Riccomi is also buried there, as is her sister, Josephine Olcese Hamilton Stephens (born 1900) and her husband Joseph Hamilton).

Who Where When...?

Photo 22
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Photo 23
Who, where, and when?  (Barbara Cox believes that it is Marie Stoakes, Frank's wife, in the lower picture at the far left, and her daughter Elizabeth is the taller child (behind the child in front)).

Who is this man?

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Photo 24

Dave just informed me that this is him, not Frank (not sure how I got Frank's name assigned to this picture), and that the photo is of him with a neighbor on Blair Ave.

28 Jan 53

Photo 26
I spot Dave and Marguerite, Billie and Marie.  But who are the others?

(Per Frank Anderson, counter-clockwise around the table from the back left:
Bill Wolcott (DDS), Alice Wolcot, Dave Anderson, Larry Sherman, Marguerite Anderson, Bink Sherman, Billie Stoakes, Marie Stoakes, unknown, unknown  (Barbara Cox thinks these last two might be George Roth and his wife (Sherm's sister))).

1 January 1917

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Photo 27

New Year's Day, 1917!  That's clearly Marguerite front and center, with Ethel just behind her.

I'm guessing Frank and Minnie (Marguerite's and Ethel's parents) are at the far left.

Is the tall guy in back Frank junior?

And are the other two kids Lester and Billy?  Or who?

And who are the couple to the right?

(Barbara Cox and I are going with the following names, from left to right:
Frank Stoakes, Minnie, Billy, Frank, Ethel, Marguerite, Lester, unknown, unknown).

In Burlingame 1935 or 1936

In Burlingame!

Photo 28
Judging by the shirttails hanging out, I think these are all, as Marguerite would say, "shirttail" members of the Anderson family (i.e. in the family by marriage).  I recognize Marguerite, but who are the others?
(Pat Henderson confirms that these are husbands of four Anderson women, as well as Marguerite, wife of David Anderson.  Per Pat, they are, left to right:  George Klement (married to Helene), Laverne's husband (name ?), Harold Abbot (Gertrude's husband), Lenore's husband (name ?), then Marguerite and, as Frank would say, Grandpa Morgan.)

Photo 29
I recognize Dave & Marguerite, Agnes, Franklin (at the far right), and Frank (son of Dave & Marguerite) seated at the bottom).  But the others are...?

(Per Frank Anderson and Pat Henderson:
Standing, left to right:  Lenore (Anderson) Vaughn, Harold Abbott, Loraine (Babe) Anderson, Pat Abbot (the girl), Gertrude (Anderson) Abbott, Dave and Marguerite Anderson, George Klement with son behind Marguerite, then Agnes Morgan (Keely), "Grandpa" Morgan, Laverne Anderson (unsure of married name), and finally Franklin Anderson.
Seated, left to right:  Helene (Anderson) Klement with son, Frank Anderson (boy), and Laverne's husband, Sheldon McInnis.

Per Pat Henderson, this photo shows all 7 children of Agnes Anderson Morgan.  She adds:"My great grandmother Mary Martine Comerford married David Keely in 1874 and had three children. Mary Agnes, born 1875 in L.A., David Francis, and Philip Charles.  Mary Agnes Keely married in 1897 Frank Lawrence Anderson. Her first child died and the rest you know.  Lenore, Dave, Gertrude, Helene, Franklin, Laverne, and Lorraine."

Photo 30
Agnes with the grandkids?

(Per Frank Anderson:  Pat Abbott is the girl standing on the left.  Grandma and Grandpa Morgan, and then Frank is on his knees at the far right.  Other kids are unknown).