Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christening of Ferry

Photo 4

Marguerite christened a San Leandro ferry boat (I believe this was in March 1923), launched in San Pedro.  These people attended.  But who are they?

(Both Dave and Frank Anderson believe that it's Marguerite in the center of the 4th row up, with collar and hat.  Barbara Cox thinks that Minnie is the partially obscured woman (in hat) just to the right of Marguerite.)

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  1. It is "THE" Ferry San Leandro
    Yes Minnie is just above and to the right of the Fuzzy hat

  2. I think Grandma is on the left in the 2nd to bottom row... white hat. Pretty sure of that...

  3. Nope I'm wrong... now that I blew the pic up... that's not her! You're right- up towards the back!