Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In Burlingame 1935 or 1936

In Burlingame!

Photo 28
Judging by the shirttails hanging out, I think these are all, as Marguerite would say, "shirttail" members of the Anderson family (i.e. in the family by marriage).  I recognize Marguerite, but who are the others?
(Pat Henderson confirms that these are husbands of four Anderson women, as well as Marguerite, wife of David Anderson.  Per Pat, they are, left to right:  George Klement (married to Helene), Laverne's husband (name ?), Harold Abbot (Gertrude's husband), Lenore's husband (name ?), then Marguerite and, as Frank would say, Grandpa Morgan.)

Photo 29
I recognize Dave & Marguerite, Agnes, Franklin (at the far right), and Frank (son of Dave & Marguerite) seated at the bottom).  But the others are...?

(Per Frank Anderson and Pat Henderson:
Standing, left to right:  Lenore (Anderson) Vaughn, Harold Abbott, Loraine (Babe) Anderson, Pat Abbot (the girl), Gertrude (Anderson) Abbott, Dave and Marguerite Anderson, George Klement with son behind Marguerite, then Agnes Morgan (Keely), "Grandpa" Morgan, Laverne Anderson (unsure of married name), and finally Franklin Anderson.
Seated, left to right:  Helene (Anderson) Klement with son, Frank Anderson (boy), and Laverne's husband, Sheldon McInnis.

Per Pat Henderson, this photo shows all 7 children of Agnes Anderson Morgan.  She adds:"My great grandmother Mary Martine Comerford married David Keely in 1874 and had three children. Mary Agnes, born 1875 in L.A., David Francis, and Philip Charles.  Mary Agnes Keely married in 1897 Frank Lawrence Anderson. Her first child died and the rest you know.  Lenore, Dave, Gertrude, Helene, Franklin, Laverne, and Lorraine."

Photo 30
Agnes with the grandkids?

(Per Frank Anderson:  Pat Abbott is the girl standing on the left.  Grandma and Grandpa Morgan, and then Frank is on his knees at the far right.  Other kids are unknown).

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  1. Frank and David on the grass with the same teddy bear as the prev. pic? ~ Kel.