Wednesday, November 28, 2012

August 1920

Photo 14

From one of Marguerite's photo albums.  Who are Auntie and Gen?

(Could these be Genevieve Cauzza, Marguerite's cousin, and her mother, Jane (Jennie?) Cauzza)?

(Per Jane Upp, that's not Jane Cauzza.  But it is Genevieve Cauzza).

Photo 15
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Marguerite and Ethel are on the left, but who are Auntie, Gen, Margaret, Anita, and Ramilda (Ramelda?)?

(Per Jane Upp, yes, that's Anita Cauzza, her mom, and Genevieve Cauzza, her aunt.  Frank Anderson adds that three women, Angie, Clara, and Ramelda, used to visit Marguerite.  Barbara Cox adds that Ramelda was a cousin of Minnie's.  Could "Auntie", Margaret, and Ramelda be related?  I need a family tree!)

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