Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Miscellaneous 1

Who are the couple seated, on the left?  (The others are Billie, Marie, Marianne, and Ethel).

(Jim Clare reports that the seated couple are Joseph and Genevieve (Cauzza) Hoeffel, his Godparents).

Photo 18

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Photo 19
Who is this?
(Jane Upp reports that this is her aunt, Genevieve Cauzza).

Photo 20
The person on the left is...?  (Could it be Pat Anderson?)  Moving to the right are Minnie, Marguerite, Marianne (I think -- please correct me), and Ethel.

(Frank Anderson believes the woman at the far left is Suzie (or Susie) Stoakes, Lou Stoakes' first wife.)

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